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don't want to be misunderstood · Monday, January 26, 2009

i was looking up synonyms for the word “showcase” and this is the very strange result i got on

mighty strange, right? I mean, “sausage”—whut tha?!

i’ve been very lax about posting here. should do it more often. i mean, i’m sitting here typing this while missing the first five minutes of Gossip Girl if that shows any type of commitment on my part. Bootney and I are kind of in the midst of wedding planning. We just got our photographer down and we’re getting pretty excited – mostly because we have so many friggin’ talented friends and family that it is ridiculous. thank you all!

other than being completely obsessed with Iosselliani jewelry (see below for awesome snake ring I recently purchase), my mind hasn’t strayed very far from Six Feet Under.

I have a total girl crush on Claire Fisher (Lauren Ambrose) and can’t seem to stop thinking that I am a part of the Fisher family. Scenes between Claire and Ruth Fisher really turned on the waterworks for me. Oh, the nuances of family and grief—so heartbreaking!!

alright. my hair is wet. my back hurts. my frenchie is on my fuzzy blanket-covered lap. my stomach is growling and I think Chuck Bass might be summoning me to the dusty old futon…

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HOTNICITY WINS · Monday, January 19, 2009

so far….and “CODE OF ETHNICS” will be our first single.

Here’s our debut photo…


Get your scowl on, SON!

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NEED YOUR VOTE NOW · Monday, January 19, 2009

Please vote on your preferred name, so we can make some t-shirts and buttons to get the word out:


Online Surveys & Market Research

Thanks, Your Dudenesses!

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the opposite of hallelujah · Monday, December 1, 2008

exhibit a)

q. why are white people so dumb sometimes?!

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c'mere, i want to french kiss you. · Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So we’ve had huge successes with the True Blood Community we created! We even got this on-air spot right after the show:

SUPER awesome. As an administrator on the site, I receive really whacky messages from members all the time. In fact, some of them are barely coherent (which really scares us about the future of America and the education system). YIKES. Today I got a pretty amusing one about my screen name (“Sugarboots”) and replacing my profile image, which is one of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. In fact, I get quite a few messages asking me to change my profile image because it is “too scary”. This is coming from people that love vampires. Strange indeed.

So, onto the message I received today from a Vietnam Vet and self-proclaimed “Stalker Upon Request” (eesh) after helping him with adding an image to his profile:

“You have been a great help. You know, not everyone looks like Sookie [Anna Paquin in True Blood, but with the name surgarboots [sp], I think your image would fit perfectly with Vampirella. Just a suggestion.”

I was like, who the F is Vampirella. Google. And the result:

WHOA, dude, intuitive. He even got the bangs right!

Also, all that said, I bought my wedding dress. It’s Vera Wang. VERA. F-ING. WANG. Although, I’m not sure if it’ll work out or not, since I bought it online (foolish, mayhaps). Already got a call from moms and my aunt that it is “too low cut”. It’s a Vegas wedding, dammit! They are lucky it isn’t covered in fuchsia sequins! As a side note: Daaaamn, Gina! “fuchsia” is harder to spell than I thought.

Oh and I am obsessed with this.


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