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i don't know what it is that you've done to me · Sunday, April 26, 2009

i haven’t been around these parts in a whiiiiile, probably because at this point i’m getting married in less than an f-ing week from now (OMFG!). i’ve been sliding in and out of insanity, which thankfully my gym rat routine has been helping me deal with.

I’m going to post the awesome cake topper that Linhchi made for us! You won’t hear from me for a while…I’ll be busy making sure the quartet gets The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” just right (I’ll be walking down the aisle to it!).

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  1. So, how did the wedding go? Is married life any different for you?
    Eva    Wed Jul 22nd, 9:18am    #
  2. awwww it was great! married life is actually not different except that now i can use “my husband” as an excuse for things i don’t want to do – it holds a lot more weight to people than “my boyfriend” or “my fiancee”...Wedding was great!!!
    sugarboots    Wed Jul 22nd, 9:52am    #
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